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If you’re in the market for a mobile car detailing company in San Diego then Pearl’s mobile car detailing San Diego, then a company that pays attention to detail is necessary, it is more than likely that you see your car as more than just an object that takes you from place “A” to place “B”. You see your car as your baby and nothing less than that! You probably even personify your car by saying “she” when referring to your car rather than using an objectified “it”. We love cars too and we totally understand where you come from! At our detailing service, you can be sure that we will treat your car as one of our own. We will give her the time of her life like no other company in the car detailing San Diego industry would!


Nowadays a lot of people try to get their cars regularly detailed to keep them looking new and beautiful. We always try to make sure that we use the best possible products on your car so we protect the original paint and the original look of the car, as it was meant to be when it was first manufactured. 


We are fully equipped with all the latest tools and products that no other San Diego car detailing service might possess. Just give us a call and we will guide you through the processes we follow to give your car a beautiful look so that even you are comfortable handing your car over to us!

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Pearl’s Mobile Car Detailing in San Diego


Pearl Auto Mobile detailing San Diego offers you full-service car wash, premium Paint Protection, and hand car wash services by using top-of-the-line detailing products. We will come to you no matter where you are whether it’s a car dealership, apartment building, commercial building, hotel, gym facility, or any other location. We bring everything including a steam machine, power, water, and all the equipment. With our mobile detailing service, you can carry on with your other tasks at home or at the office while we prep your car for you. Pearl Auto Detailing San Diego offers competitive, pricing and is committed to providing a high level of service to the needs of the car enthusiast, who recognizes our knack for perfection and absolute quality service.

At Pearl car detailing San Diego, we have trained our technicians to delicately treat your vehicle so as to restore and preserve every inch of it. Because we aim to provide your vehicle the most care it deserves, we use only the most expensive, high-end products. With lots of experience in the auto detailing industry, Auto Mobile Detail has been established based on the concept of delivering a Professional Automotive Appearance service that is of excellent value and convenience. We focus on restoring vehicles to better than new finish. We know how to safely care for your vehicle investment with safe and eco-friendly products.

Lower Cost – Auto detailing is the most inexpensive alternative to buying a new car. Our mobile auto detail & car wash service will reduce the cost associated with driving your vehicle to the local auto detailing service shop.

What Exactly is Car Detailing?

Generally speaking, the process of detailing a car involves first diligently cleaning your car, inside and out, from the top to bottom and even under the car. The car then undergoes a spa like treatment where it is then polished to a new shine using special tools and unmatched products. It is to be noted here that detailing a car should not be misunderstood as giving it a new paint job or doing any kind of repairing of body work. Auto detailing San Diego companies strictly work towards giving your car a shinier, fresher look. However, some light scratches and sunlight inflicted swirl marks may be addressed while detailing your car. 


Some might even argue the need to give the car to someone else who has experience when the car owners themselves can detail their own cars. It is of supreme importance you understand that while car detailing products and tools are readily available in the market, it is very difficult to achieve the level of excellence and unparalleled perfection the professionals are able to provide. This is because the professionals who work on detailing your car when you visit any of the auto detailers San Diego has to offer, have undergone immense training to achieve that level of intricate professionalism. Their hours of training have taught them to develop a keen eye on any and every imperfection on the car and given them the ability to fix those.


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Why Choose San Diego Car Detailers?

At Pearl mobile detail san diego, we are committed in going the extra mile to gain our customers trust and in cultivating positive relationships. We treat every vehicle as if it was our own and make sure each of our clients are completely satisfied before they drive away in their newly protected vehicle.

Some of the major advantages of our mobile auto detailing & mobile car wash services include:
• Full service car detailing in San Diego.
• 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
• Licensed, Certified with an established reputation
•Experts in all types of paints and paint conditions
• Very reasonable and fair prices in comparison with the best brands used

• Our mobile auto detailing service include complete and proper interior cleaning. We ensure that the car is not just visibly clean but also deeply disinfected.
• Unparalleled customer service and customer satisfaction
• Fully equipped with the latest Professional state of the art equipment
•100% Eco-Friendly environmentally safe products utilized, We use only top-quality professional auto detailing.

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Our Reviews Speak For Themselves!


Im picky when it comes to my cars , pearl team succeeded to impress me . They detailed every and each part of my car , then when it comes to paint correction they did a marvelous work on my car which was full of scratches and swirls, they followed with high end product ceramic coating for 2 years protection . Since then im using these guys to detail and protect all of my 4 cars . Im happy that i finally find honest people with great job and fair prices . Highly recommended!!



Yelp Elite


Latif has a magic stick he completely changed my car appearance, im planning to keep it now after what he did . He polished the headlights so its like new now , restored all the plastic to the black color , removed the water spots from the window , and polished the whole car & wax it . My car is brand new again after 6 hours working on it . Thank you latif , best mobile car wash San Diego. thanks pearl mobile detailing .




Yelp Elite


Pearl Mobile Detailing confirmed their appointment by phone and showed up on time.  The two gentlemen that detailed three cars for my family worked diligently and professionally for 8 hours.  My family couldn't be happier with the results.  Clearly these guys have great pride in their work.  We will be using them again.




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